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Reporters visited the prisoners in “jail Tymoshenko,”

Журналисты проведали заключенных в "тюрьме Тимошенко"How to live women, sentenced to life imprisonment.

In Ukraine, 22 women sentenced to life imprisonment, they are all in the Kachanovsky corrective colony No. 54 in Kharkiv, where earlier spent several years of ex-Prime Minister, leader of Batkivshchyna Yulia Tymoshenko. The convicts live in rooms for several people. Also they are allowed to use the Internet and mobile phones.

Kachanivska penal colony No. 54 is located deep in the industrial zone in Kharkiv. Its territory is surrounded by a high red and yellow fence with barbed wire and a sign “Prohibited area. The passage is prohibited”.

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Журналисты проведали заключенных в "тюрьме Тимошенко"

In Kachanivka with 2003 in a separate housing 22 are all women who are sentenced to life in prison. The youngest of them – 34, senior – 70 years. Basically they are convicted of murder one or more people, including children.

It is noted that the path to the specified body in the colony there farm which breeds sheep and poultry. Upon entering the establishment – a strict permit system, visitors leave all personal belongings in the storage chambers and tested a portable metal detector.

Журналисты проведали заключенных в "тюрьме Тимошенко"

The head of the colony No. 54 Andrew Yavtushenko said that all 22 prisoners were allowed to receive parcels. Banned – preservation and the food is home cooking, something that might be poisoned. Before sending packages to convicts, browsing prison staff.

“Clothing, footwear and soft nevidimaya tones – all they are allowed,” said Yavtushenko.

After the checkpoint, there is a high metal fence with a peephole on it and a warning about the conduct of surveillance.

“For him – a three-story, painted in bright colors the building. Almost before the entrance to a tiny courtyard with benches for walks and barbed wire at the top. There to breathe the fresh air or read a book prisoners could leave at any time, except for sleep at night, when doors are closed”, – notes the edition.

Журналисты проведали заключенных в "тюрьме Тимошенко"

In the colony of 88.3 square meters of living space. According to the head of the colony, originally the hull was designed for 12 people, now there are 22 women. According to international standards, every prisoner should four square meters of living space, however, funds for the expansion of the svu in the state there.

At the same time, prisoners do not live in cells, but in ordinary rooms, which is from two to four inmates.

Журналисты проведали заключенных в "тюрьме Тимошенко"

“Along the corridor – doors living rooms and also special rooms in which can spend extended visits prisoners. By law, such visits from their loved ones in length from one to three days they put every two months. For good behaviour over the year can add another incentive to meet with her family. They also have the right and short on a date once a month. They have the opportunity to get in touch via the Internet, chat on Skype and call a cell phone in the presence of the inspector”, – reports the edition.

The duty of there are five phones (on the application) can make use of the convicts. One conversation can last up to 15 minutes and in the presence of the inspector.

The journalist managed to visit one of the rooms. It has a separate bathroom with bidet, wall – paintings and shelves of books, an Ironing Board. Women watch movies and read books.

Журналисты проведали заключенных в "тюрьме Тимошенко"
Журналисты проведали заключенных в "тюрьме Тимошенко"

The facility has a sewing shop. According to the head of the colony, prisoners work only at will. So, from 22 “parisdennis” agreed to work only 13. In the room scattered to their products – the unsewn of matrasovki, mittens, covers, seats for chairs. Also, according to the workers, sewing fabric items for body armor.

One of the women said that recently earned a “clean” and got on your account about 1000 hryvnia. For such wages, you must sew 1,500 matranovak. According to her, mainly the money goes to the Internet and telephone. Necessary goods bought in the colony. She and another convicted last year got married.

Журналисты проведали заключенных в "тюрьме Тимошенко"
Журналисты проведали заключенных в "тюрьме Тимошенко"

There is also a room where women glue envelopes. Payment, piece – work, on developing.

Deputy head of the colony Irina Evreinov said that many women live by the dream to have a baby.

“Once girls have started to officially marry, the administration wrote a letter to the Ministry of justice, to give explanations on how to act in case of the birth of a baby life of a prisoner. Women prisoners with other prison sentences after 4 months of pregnancy sent to a special colony in Odessa, where they have the opportunity to stay with their children until a certain age. But “pogiznennym” while the instructions there,” – said the journalist.

Журналисты проведали заключенных в "тюрьме Тимошенко"

All prisoners are to go free, and believe that you will not spend his whole life in prison, but the pardon granted by the President.

Meanwhile, nine deputies from different fractions was proposed to abolish the life sentence for women. According to them, in the prisons of Spain, Norway, Portugal, Croatia, Serbia, Bolivia, some CIS countries, including Belarus women do not sit in prison the rest of your life.

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