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Reporters learned Christmas fees Ukrainian stars

Журналисты узнали новогодние гонорары украинских звездThe organizers of the event told of how a change in prices for popular artists this year.

December – Christmas parties and corporate events. Each year, employers seeking to make a bright and memorable holiday for their employees.

Much of this year asking for its performance of famous singers and groups.

The planners reported that compared to last year on the entertainment market has seen some revival, although the budgets restrained. In no way deny yourself of IT-shnye firms, where budgets and salaries pegged to the dollar. But banks have become much more modest. Many customers prefer to do without stars, but are willing to pay good money for themed parties.

The stars were more likely to meet the customer, so take the fees in local currency and not in foreign currency.

The winner of “Eurovision” Jamal, who recently partied with British actors at a private party, managed to three times to increase his fee due to the resounding popularity after the triumph in the competition. Now for the performance, the singer asks not less than 20 thousand dollars.

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According to reports of event agencies, has not yet received orders Natalia Mogilev, “BB” and Verka Serduchka. Remained unclaimed Loboda and “Potap and Nastya” because of the scandals around their creativity. Loboda performs in Russia, and the concerts of “Potap and Nastya” was boycotted in some cities of Ukraine.

A popular option are the artists that take the average fee for her performance to 5 thousand dollars. For example, Alyosha, “neangeli”, Monatic demand.

Tina Karol and Olga Polyakov, who would sing you on holiday for 10-15 thousand dollars, usually are “bought” for large companies.

And here Sofia Rotaru, who appeared in the dress-the embroidery, dropped the price on my statement: from 50 to 40 thousand euros. But, while orders for the concert before the New year did not arrive.

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Approximate pricing for a new year’s speech (not meaning new year’s eve) is a popular Ukrainian artists (in dollars):

From 40K: Sofia Rotaru, “Okean Elzy”.
25 – 30 thousand: Potap and Nastya, Ani Lorak, Ivan Dorn, “Kvartal 95”.
20 thousand: Oleg Vinnik, Dzidzio, Vera Brezhneva, Jamal.
15 – 20 thousand: Tina Karol, Loboda.
10 – 15 thousand: Olya Polyakova, Max Barsky, Monatik, “Time and Glass”, Iryna Bilyk, “Neangely”.
7 – 10 thousand: Zlata ognevich, Viktor Pavlik, ALEKSEEV, Mozgi, Vitaly Kozlovsky, Pavel Zibrov.
5 – 7 thousand: Alyosha, the group “the Aviator”, Dima Kolyadenko, “BB”.
3 – 5 thousand: Irina Fedyshyn, Arsen Mirzoyan, Tonya Matvienko, the group “Haydamaky”.

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