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Reporters found Zelensky business in Russia

Журналисты нашли у Зеленского бизнес в РоссииReporters found three Russian companies that produce the movies.

Showman Vladimir Zelensky, who had previously announced his intention to run for President of Ukraine, has business in Russia, despite assurances of its closure in 2014.

This was reported in the investigation of the program “Schemes”.

Reporters found three Russian companies that are engaged in the production of film, video and television programs: “Weisberg pictures”, “Platinumfilm” and “green Films”. Cyprus company Green Family LTD is the founder of them all.

In addition, the Green Family LTD, co – founder of OOO “Kvartal 95” in Ukraine. The ultimate beneficiaries of Cypriot companies stated Vladimir Zelensky, his business partner Andrei Yakovlev, Boris and Sergey Seviri and associate Igor Kolomoisky Timur, Mindec.

The journalists analyzed the financial statements of these companies and found that they all continue to work. The most successful of them – “green Films”.

“According to the Federal state statistics service, in 2014 the amount of cash proceeds on account of “green Films” amounted to more than 340 million rubles. In 2015 – nearly 208 million in 2016 – a little more than 123 million rubles,” – said in the investigation.

In 2017, the proceeds of the “green Films” has grown to almost 180 million, in particular from rent, royalties, license fees – of about 143 million rubles.

Only from 2014 to 2017 income on account of this film Zelensky and partners in Russia amounted to about $ 13 million, or more than 350 million at current exchange rate.

“According to the register of licences of the films in the Russian Federation, “green Films” continued to produce films in Russia after the military aggression in 2014. We are talking about the film “8 new visits” (2014), “Between us girls” (2015) , “Nesterov’s Loop” (2015), “8 best dates” (2016)” – found by journalists.

In addition, the “Schemes” found that the firm “green Films”, where Zelensky is owned through a Cyprus company, won the contest for partial financing of production of the film from the Russian budget.

However, in December 2018 Zelensky in an interview Dmitry Gordon stated that the last film “95 quarter” made with Russian colleagues in 2012.

“The last film that we did with our Russian colleagues, so in 2012, and aired it out in 2014,” said Zelensky and added, “ceased all on a mutual “sympathy”.

“We had an office in Moscow. It was all down to the 14th year. We closed the business which had brought very much,” he said.

Journalists “Schemes” asked Zelensky on the activities of his film business in Russia. To which he replied: “Well, you’re working with them. I do not work with them. Success to you”.

Later his press office in a written comment said that “… for many years Vladimir Zelensky has built an international business in the field of production of audiovisual content, so there are companies, there is real estate, and other assets, and not only in specified jurisdictions; there are in Italy and the UK, etc. ( … ) Studio “Kvartal 95”, realizing the situation, there will be no deliveries on the territory of the Russian Federation does not produce “.

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