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Reporters found an incredible source of funding for ISIS

Журналисты нашли невероятный источник финансирования ИГИЛCorrespondents managed to find the financial track in Albion.

Terrorist organization “Islamic state” financed their terrorist attacks in Western countries and transported military equipment for attacks in Spain through a network of companies operating in the British city of Cardiff.

According to them, through affiliated firms were transferred thousands of pounds in cash, a 32-year-old American extremist Mohamed Elshinnawi in the U.S. state of Maryland. To commit the criminal scheme was used Ibacstel Electronics company which has sent a total of $7.7 thousand, the money was intended “to damage or terrorist attack in the United States.”

The operation of the IG, who pass through Cardiff include in order to lock errors in computer systems and software, helping to launch rockets.

Documents of American courts, which has also been found in a publication, show the path that were associated with Welsh companies people to disguise their actions. So, after the company in Cardiff, the terrorists were brought to Spain unmanned aerial vehicles for surveillance.

This delivery was organized in the summer of 2015 to address in Madrid. It is not clear who received the order and whether the equipment in the country.

One of the firms, which, according to the newspaper, sent the surveillance equipment in Madrid — Global Advance Technology (ATG) — according to preliminary data, was registered to a nonexistent person under the name of Peter Soren. The alias was invented to cover Tifully Suana, IT-specialist and businessman companies, who three years ago left South Wales and with his family went to Syria to join ISIS. He was later killed by a U.S. drone strike in raqqa.

Initially, 29-year-old San together with his colleagues discovered a network of Ibacs companies that provided services for creating web sites and print for restaurants.

The FBI managed to obtain the transcript of the conversation Suana with other leaders Ibacs, which suggests that the management of the company was a militant terrorist organization. Within a few days after its incorporation, the company spent $18 thousand on infrared units, which are manufactured by the canadian company that sells military equipment.

At least three of these devices were delivered to the office in Cardiff. One of the blocks Suan instructed to send to Madrid. In American court documents also States that the company Ibacs were also used to purchase other equipment from Britain and the US to help ISIS militants in Syria.

Earlier, the “Islamic state” has claimed responsibility for the attack on passers-by in the Russian city of Surgut.

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