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Renata Litvinova, the photo showed the 25-year-old with an astonishing neckline


Recently Renata Litvinova often a surprise to followers of his Instagram. Recently, 50-year-old actress posted a photo in a new image. Fans came to a consensus that the short haired star is similar to his girlfriend, the singer Zemfira. Of course, Renata did not change his trademark hair style and transformed with the help of the wig.

April 20, Litvinov was a lot of subscribers. The blonde shared the 25-year-old, where she poses in a dress with open neckline.

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Many were surprised to see Renata in such a sexual way, because now the provocative outfits, the actress prefers strict suits and elegant dresses in retro style.

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Most of the subscribers said that now Litvinova looks much better: “Now You look much prettier”, “Nah. Well, no. Now, Real better!” “Some women only prettier) and neckline)”, “You get more handsome with age” “to be honest, it’s something better- with your charm and Mature beauty. 25 years ago it was not” (Spelling and punctuation more. — Approx. ed.).

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