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REN TV: Moscow from the children’s cancer center im. N. Blokhin being fired doctors

РЕН ТВ: в Москве из детского онкоцентра им. Н. Блохина массово увольняются врачи

From the Institute of children’s Oncology and Haematology of the Russian oncological center named after N. N. Blokhin quit EN masse doctors, reports REN TV. According to the TV channel, it is connected with the advent of the scientific research Institute of a new Director Svetlana Varfolomeeva.

Correspondents acquainted with the treatment, which was written by the oncologists. It doctors say that the new head “has created in the team tense situation, forcing employees to write applications at own will”. In addition, Maria Varfolomeyeva accused of threats of reduction in rates and a sharp decline in employees ‘ salaries.

The appeal reflects the views of parents undergoing therapy children. According to REN TV, they noted that Varfolomeeva has changed the scheme of work of physicians, which dramatically decreased the amount of time of examination of children and practically stopped the work of the volunteers.

Deputy Director, Institute of pediatric Oncology and Hematology Maxim Rykov confirmed to the TV station that the situation at the cancer center escalated in June this year. “We believe that the center needs to save and stop its collapse immediately, dismissing the newly appointed Director of”, — quotes the channel of his word.

August 19, the press service of the cancer center issued a statement, which says that the institution is undergoing a planned reduction in vacancy rates. It was explained that staffing was formed over 20 years ago, with the advent of new technologies, more than 700 rates were not busy. “At the present stage of development of medicine these rates are excessive to provide medical care to the population. Layoffs of existing employees will not be […] Changes in staffing will not result in the closure of structural units, dismissal of employees and reduction of the volume of medical services”, — assured in the institution.

Another official review of the management of the cancer center or Svetlana Varfolomeeva yet.

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