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“Remove from friends 2: game Night” – the film has been shot!

A fun trend we are seeing lately. It often happens that the filmmakers until the last conceal the fact of working on a particular film, then – SUDDENLY – to report that the movie had already shot! Such was the case with last year’s sequel “of the Blair Witch project”, and this year is as unexpected was news that lifted the continuation of the slasher “Axe” (“Victor Crowley”) and mocumentary “Hangman”. And now it was already ready for the sequel to the experimental horror movie 2015 release “Remove from friends” (Unfriended).

The original painting was removed Levan Gabriadze with the support of producer Timur Bekmambetov. If someone haven’t heard about this project, it was cheap (1 million.e.) a film in which all action is developed on the… desktop. Group of friends talking on Skype, is faced with a vengeful Ghost… Experimental horror, Yes. And, unlike what some “Hack bloggers”, “Remove from friends” the experiment completely failed. The picture is not too scary, but had a good criticism and recognition of the audience. Only in American theaters, the film grossed over 32 million dollars, and global fees amounted to over 64 million.

It now appears that a sequel to “Remove from friends” was filmed in secret and has managed to pass the test. It turns out that October 3 was a secret screening of the film, and the audience liked it.

The official name of the film won the “Remove from friends: game Night” (Unfriended: Game Night). The film is shot in the same format as the first part, tells the story of a teenager who received a new laptop which, as it turns out, could be stolen. And the previous owner seems to follow each step of the hero, but makes no attempt to return the laptop myself.

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