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Released the first trailer for the horror anthology the THEATER of NIGHTMARES

From the creators of the anthology “Masters of horror”. One movie, five scary stories, five masters of the genre. “Theater of nightmares” (Nightmare Cinema). - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

About downright “masters” I would, of course, argued. Joe Dante – Yes, certainly, although he is more of a Comedy horror. Ryuhei Kitamura – I agree, especially after the gorgeous “target Shooting”. David Slade – perhaps due to the “Lollipop”, but only just. Alejandro Brugues – very unlikely, after all, “Juan – Cuban fighter zombies” is hardly a model of the genre. Well, Mick Garris – Feng, screenwriter, film Director, writer… As a Director and writer, Mick, in my opinion – the bitter mediocrity, his accomplishments as an organizer and promoter of horror is much more important.

Whatever it was, and tomorrow at the festival, Fantasia will host the world premiere of this film, and while we have the opportunity to look at the first teaser trailer. Looks quite a!

Topic: Mick Garris reveals the secrets of the “Theater of nightmares”a group of misfits brought in an abandoned and creepy Rialto cinema, and now a strange ghostly figure Projectionist animates on the silver screen their darkest fears. The fate of all who attend these shows, is in the hands of a Ghost. But by the time until the visitors realize the truth, escape is not possible anymore. The tickets are broken, and now they will forever remain in the Theater of Nightmares.

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