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Released role-playing game Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Вышла в свет ролевая игра Kingdom Come: DeliveranceCzech developers have presented the best game since Morrowind and the Witcher.

Game Kingdom Come: Deliverance, created by a team of independent developers from the Czech Republic, Warhorse, similar to the one ideal that probably every gamer has come up with in childhood, but which hitherto he had not had a chance to play.

The most common forest

Henry was walking through the forest, stepping carefully on the forest floor, trying to keep any one branch treacherously not cracked. The birds sang, the trees rustled, the light barely penetrated through the dense foliage. There, in a thicket, pitched their camp robbers, and Mr. Henry, Mr. Radzig the Mare, and ordered him to hunt them down and scout.

And here, the road and the fence, at the gate stands guard. How to perform a task and recalculate robbers? Perhaps we should track down one of them and change into his clothes — suddenly notice that under it lies a stranger. You can wait for night, or storm and quietly sneak inside. Only then, of course, have to wear dark clothing and easy to drop a heavy snapping armor.

Suppose Henry got to the camp and around the eye estimated the number of robbers. But why before you go report to the commander, not to make a diversion? For example, to steal the weapons of the sleeping bandits or to throw the poison or just spoiled ingredients into the cauldrons of soup?

Well, let’s say, everything went off without a hitch. But remember if jindřich correct number of robbers, do carefully counted them? In conversation with the commander would be that accuracy of information is extremely important because the storming of the camp of the villains will have to ask for reinforcements, and it can’t come out of nowhere. Warriors will have to call from other cities, and this will weaken their garrisons, and then they can fall to an enemy army — it is a civil war.


Often, praising a particular computer role-playing game, the critics are thinking: what is her role? Have learned that playing a RPG is the ability to pass the story (usually quite linear, and if alternative its branches and is, anyway, they somehow lead to the same result), the pump characteristics of the hero and gain special skills. Of course, it is desirable to have a vast game world, the ability to wet dragons and skeletons, but also to use magic and craft all sorts of items.

In this respect, Kingdom Come: Deliverance is absolutely distracting from the canons of the genre and, undoubtedly, gives to light the entire gaming industry, bringing the role-playing part of RPG abbreviation of its true value. This is undoubtedly a strong statement, but justifiable.

First, there are no wizards, witches and evil spirits. The action takes place in the vast Holy Roman Empire, Bohemia, beginning of the XV century (what is now modern Czech Republic). An area of 16 square kilometers carefully copied from real. On her in the stunning detail of the restored buildings and life of the XV century — no wonder in conjunction with the creators of the game worked historians.

One could argue that this game is not news, and remember the same Asassin”s Creed: Origins. However, the world of Kingdom Come the other, and these are not empty words. The peasants Wake up, go to the tub to wash, work on the land, eating, sleeping. Shopkeepers open and close their shops, and in the evening sometimes they go to drink in the local tavern. By the way, this is a great opportunity to clean out the shop until its owner indulges in the Vice of drinking. Dogs guard the house and raise the sleeping owner, if a stranger tries to come into the yard.

To list all these small details can be endless, from the beautiful forest in which you can — and want to! — lost to towns and villages whose lifestyle does not doubt the reality of the situation.

The son of a blacksmith

The protagonist of the game, the Smith’s son jindřich’s not the standard protagonist of a role-playing game. Forget about sleek and muscular the saviors of the world — he does not belong to them. From time to time, Jindrich, lived in his father’s house in the village of Skalice, helped him on the farm. Alas, the pastoral idyll was interrupted by the appearance of the troops of the king of Hungary Sigismund, who captured his brother václav IV, king of Bohemia. Among the conquerors were bloodthirsty mercenaries, the Cumans. The result was sad: most of the population of Skalica cut, but Henry managed to escape and joined to the pan Rodrigu Mare, next to the castle which was located the village.

That’s the way it starts. The son of a blacksmith, has just enlisted in the garrison, to give a worn leather jacket, pants and boots, and give in a hand a stick, because who will give the rookie a normal weapon? No particularly significant feats in front of him is not around, he would get on with her life but to find the bandits who took his sword, which is the last day Skalica forged his father.

But the most important is not that you can do in Kingdom Come as this is to write a separate brochure, but how harmoniously and naturally converge all these puzzle pieces, forming a living world in which you believe at first sight. To hell with the ubiquitous errors and roughness in the release version of the game. Yes, sometimes the horse of the player may hang upside down. Yes, sometimes a character simply disappears during the quest and have read the script, to reboot. Yes, the game is only saved after sleep or important game events and to remain where we want to have to buy a special schnapps, which is enough for one time. Yes, there are brakes, and claims to develop character models and buildings.

But none of this can tear from life in medieval Bohemia, where you want to return again and again. And it was all created in seven years by a team of independent developers from the Czech Republic, which attracted just over a million dollars on Kickstarter (overall, the game’s budget did not exceed $ 10 million). This is especially impressive when you see how shit can be stuck with $ 40 million and to receive a result of absolute zilch. For example, as in the case of hopelessly screw up Mass Effect: Andromeda.

Вышла в свет ролевая игра Kingdom Come: Deliverance
Вышла в свет ролевая игра Kingdom Come: Deliverance
Вышла в свет ролевая игра Kingdom Come: Deliverance
Вышла в свет ролевая игра Kingdom Come: Deliverance
Вышла в свет ролевая игра Kingdom Come: Deliverance

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