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Released console from Nvidia has been found in a canadian pawn shop

Не выпущенная приставка от Nvidia была найдена в канадском ломбардеLocals lucky enough to spot an unusual device.

In 2013, NVIDIA has released an unusual device called the NVIDIA SHIELD, later renamed the SHIELD Portable. It was a portable game console based on Tegra processor 4 and running the Android operating system. NVIDIA has positioned SHIELD Portable as the ultimate device for mobile and PC games. Some time in the network there were rumors about the second generation consoles. She even took a certification in FFC, but were not presented to the world. Therefore, users were extremely surprised when the prototype SHIELD Portable 2 for developers has been found in a canadian pawn shop.

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The story began with the user of the website Reddit under the name /u/FwrigginRwootbeer went to a canadian pawnshop and saw a SHIELD Portable 2. He had no idea that NVIDIA never released this device, and decided to exchange my original SHIELD Portable with extra payment on a newer model.

Home /u/FwrigginRwootbeer talked with others and learned that the device was in his hands. He found out that this version is for developers, not intended for sale. The console has some differences from the original. It is less bulky, she has a slightly different button layout and a smaller frame around the screen. Technical specifications are also different from the usual SHIELD Portable. It comes with a display with a resolution of 1440×810 pixels, the processor Tegra X1 and 3GB of RAM.

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Latest presented device line SHIELD was the SHIELD set-top box TV of the second generation. Does NVIDIA release new versions of the handheld console or the SHIELD tablet is still unknown.

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