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Released a device that will help to communicate the owner and his dog

Выпущено устройство, которое поможет общаться хозяину и его собаке The smartphone will help to communicate the owner and his dog.

This service will be able to provide the device Furbo.

The creators believe that this will be the best gift for a pet home for the New year. Caring owners can watch their Pets via HD night vision camera. The device can operate at large distances from the host device equipped with a speaker and MIC, with which the owner will be able to keep in touch with the pet. Furbo communicates with the application on the mobile phone and provides continuous monitoring of a dog.

Built into the speaker device and the microphone will even talk to the dog. Furbo externally similar to the ceramic jar. If your pet did something wrong, the device can even help you punish him at a distance. The device will cost nearly 200 pounds. It will work if you connect to a Wi-Fi network. Some Internet users expressed the concern that dogs may swallow the device, also users are not satisfied with such a high, in their opinion, price.

The British Royal society for the protection of animals from ill-treatment stated that they do not want to allow that the animals were left at home unattended for a long period of time. The device, developed by the American company Tomofun already appeared on sale in the Amazon.

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