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Release the voice assistant Samsung Bixby postponed again

Samsung at the end of April this year introduced its voice assistant Вixby who find themselves sad, dysfunctional and completely raw. Now we are working on it develop, however, as it became known today, on this, the Koreans will need significantly more time.

In other words, a stable and full version Samsung Bixby will be released later than previously planned — at first English and Chinese version should have been released in the second quarter, but today it ends and Bixby was not, and no. Assistant still understands only Korean language, it is not necessary neither Russia nor any other country, except, indeed, Korea. Now the final build of Samsung Bixby has no release date, and not the fact that we will see him in the third quarter.

About the Russian version and all can be forgotten — it will clearly not be delivered before the start of the new year, at least, in the fourth quarter. Fortunately, this is Samsung Bixby is not the only assistant on the new flagship S8 and S8+, and even a button dedicated specifically for it, can be easily reprogrammed with the help of third-party applications. So you can use Google Now. Samsung has already commented on the situation with his assistant, noting that working on improving his linguistic skills to enhance its functionality.

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