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Relaxed, Charlize Theron caught on a walk with my daughter


Schedule of actress Charlize Theron (Charlize Theron) is very dense. Most recently, the beauty of riding around the world, introducing the blockbuster “fast & furious 8”, in which she played a major role. In April, the actress also finished shooting the Thriller “Tully” (Tully), for which she gained 16 kg.


Now, it seems, Charlize managed to find time for family. Recently, the paparazzi photographed the star on the walk from the daughter of Augustus, whom the actress adopted in 2015. Mother and daughter looked happy and relaxed.


The actress has admitted that the advent of children makes her life filled. She said she now knows who to give love and care. After breaking up with actor Sean Penn all his spare time, Theron devotes to her daughter and son Jackson, whom she adopted in 2012.


Earlier, Charlize Theron showed a new dress six-year-old son. The boy was dressed in a dress with disney character Belle from “beauty and the Beast”. The actress, which some accuse that she encourages her son the desire to dress in women’s clothing, continues to buy son dresses.

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