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Relative “unusual shrimp”, similar to Han Solo’s ship

Родственник «необычной креветки», похожий на корабль Хана Соло

In southern Canada discovered the fossils of one of the largest marine predators of the Paleozoic era. Sharp teeth, massive claws and armour grablevsky provided campolattaro (which is exactly what paleontologists called arthropod fossil) regular production and status as one of the largest predators: 500 million years ago 30 centimeters was a very impressive size for carnivores.

Cambroraster falcatus, according to scientists, resembles a form of fictional space ship (Millennium Falcon ) from the epic Star Wars, so this was reflected in the title.

Родственник «необычной креветки», похожий на корабль Хана Соло

Predatory arthropod is related to crabs, spiders and “unusual shrimp” by anomalocaris.

The remains of comparator found for the first time 7 years ago, but the key samples found a field expedition to the Burgess shale in Yoho national Park. Researchers for over a century working in the canadian province of British Columbia. The rocky mountains and this time presented another major discovery: discovered fossils confirm “Cambrian explosion” — the sudden increase in biological diversity on our planet.

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