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Regular consumption of these foods may lead to cellulite

Регулярное употребление этих продуктов может привести к целлюлитуCellulite can ruin even thin piece.

Orange peel, as it is called, is a cosmetic problem, caused by structural changes in the subcutaneous fat layer. The most annoying thing in the cellulite that appears quite easy, but to get rid of him is so hard.

Favorite locations of cellulite: thighs and buttocks. The factors of the emergence of genetics; hormones; improper diet; Smoking. The most effective way to control cellulite is to revise your diet. The main pathogens of the “orange peel” are considered simple carbohydrates, fatty foods, excessive consumption of salt and a small amount or complete lack of fiber in the diet.

In fact the cellulite is deposition of fat under the skin. Fat, unlike muscle, all bubbly and uneven, so on the skin and appear the same bumps and holes. So will have to work in two directions: on the one hand, to lose weight, and on the other, to break down subcutaneous fat.

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In order to successfully fight cellulite, it is necessary to reduce the consumption of sweets and sugar. If not eliminate then at least reduce. To buy prepared food as little as possible and to dilute their diet with vegetables (i.e. fiber). If you just change the priorities in the food, starting to prefer fish and chicken, vegetables and fruits, nuts and berries, and red meat is a rare visitor to the table for a long time results do not have to wait. It is desirable to cut the salt. The more salt you eat, the more you eat and the more water is retained by the body, causing a painful impression of cellulite only increases.

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It is proved that the habit is fixed within 21 days. Therefore, the most powerful discipline is necessary in this period of time. Don’t need tomorrow go to the water and green smoothies. It does not help. Listen to yourself and your body. Ask what it wants? Very often our desires manipulates the brain, requiring, say, chips, and the body thus sorely lacking a couple of slices of fresh turnip or a glass of juice.

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