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Regional gas companies Firtash began to turn off the homes of Ukrainians from the gas supply

Облгазы Фирташа начали отключать дома украинцев от газоснабженияGas companies promise, in the presence of debt is not to resume gas supply.

After additional bills for gas, the regional gas companies “Regional gas company” Dmitry Firtash began to disconnect the house from gas supply, under the pretext of the technical survey to obtain additional funds from consumers.

As noted in the “Naftogaz”, “check pipe is normal necessary.” However called Sotho technical process of regional gas companies to this is “creative”.

“To resume gas supply gas demand tribute about 1000 UAH per flat. 500 UAH allegedly for the service columns that they even did not”, – emphasized in “Naftogaz”.

As noted in the NAC, gas companies promised if the debt is not to resume gas supply.

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“But most of these debts are formed because of the controversial gas ratios credit additionally regional gas companies group of the CDWG”, – said the NAC

And added that the calculation of such ratios do not recognize the government in NKREKP, so “people should not have to pay extra”.

“But vitashevsky regional gas companies stubbornly continue to accrue unlawful debts almost across the country. And now resort to violent methods the overlap of the pipe” – said the NAC.

Experts expressed the belief that such actions of regional gases is illegal.

“The gas companies are frankly robbing people by resorting to blackmail”, – summed up in “Naftogaz”.

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Previously, “Naftogaz” has already noted that the regional gas companies “Regional gas company” Firtash continue to send the Ukrainians card payments additional accrual of excess consumed volumes of natural gas.

In turn, the RGC has called such information “Naftogaz” – “another fake”.

“These fake messages do not contain any facts. If “Naftogaz” the real facts of any violations, the responsible persons should go to the police with the appropriate application and proofs, and not to use journalists for another black PR”, – reads the statement of the RGC.

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