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Regina todorenko showed indiscreet photos

Регина Тодоренко показала нескромное фото Frank appearance of the presenter surprised the audience.

Lately, Regina todorenko gives a lot of reason, by posting a photo with new boyfriend, then showing the audience revealing outfits. One of the last of the pictures published in Instagram account of the presenter, we can again see it in a very shocking manner: it Regina posing in tights in a grid, on top of which was wearing a swimsuit and a fur coat, writes the Chronicle.Info with reference to COSMOPOLITAN.

Despite the fact that the clothes the star is rather, followers point out that for Frank swimsuit she looks almost naked, and note that in such a way to walk around the city or not.

However, we believe that this way of Regina chose not to walk, and to participate in some photography – in this case, it may be more than appropriate! What do you think about this outfit presenter: stylishly or strange?

Регина Тодоренко показала нескромное фото

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