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Regina todorenko said what souvenir buys in each country

The famous traveler and TV host Regina todorenko, which participated in the project “heads and Tails”, admitted that she buys during each trip abroad.

Popular blogger Regina todorenko like to share with the subscribers of the interesting facts from its everyday life. In particular, bright pictures of exotic countries and aristocratic of Europe. Each trip is special, so to commemorate the journey of Regina traditionally, buying a souvenir.

On his page in Instagram the star has discovered the secret of what she brings home from each trip. Regina todorenko every time buys postcards sent by family and leaves to the memory of the visited country.

Every traveler something a collector: some magnets, some plates, and I send for themselves and their families from different countries postcards. Write on them all sorts of stories about what happened in new town and send. In a few years so nice to read forgotten stories. Parents say that according to my postcards, you can write a book. Well, maybe, maybe, said Regina Todorenko.

To the post star added a thematic picture in which she poses for the camera near the mailbox. Probably happy and mysterious photo before Regina did the usual procedure – sent their postcards to another state.

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