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Regina todorenko explained the departure from the “eagle and Tails”

Регина Тодоренко объяснила уход с "Орла и Решки" The presenter told the fans that finally decided not to travel with the program “heads and Tails”.

After all the rumors about the departure of Regina Todorenko with the “eagle and Tails” were not unfounded and she actually stops cooperation with this project. About this Todorenko said personally on his page in Instagram, at the same time and explained why it was made this difficult decision.

“My stay at the “eagle and Reshka” has ended. Often the workflow in our team was complicated, heavy, and shooting days lasted not one or two days, and 4 years. In the beginning, when I was informed that I was cast, I had no idea that I was so prolonged. Travel was for me a challenge: will I be able to master so many countries submit to me the following country, what fears I have to overcome and what I still can do? Every time the shooting ended, the new season, and I was back home, I thought about that, maybe it’s time to stop, that I might take someone else’s place and it’s time for me to develop further. But every time reviewing unreleased video, my eyes were dimmed with tears, and the soul is eager for a new journey in a new country, all forward and forward: to conquer the Nepal, cross the Amazon, to build a hut in the jungle.

I am very grateful to the creators of the project for that one day gave me the opportunity to visit the most remote corners of the planet and experience all the emotions that a person can experience. On this trip, the longest in 4 years I’ll be sure to tell your grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Almost all the 4 years I was at home. I saw my nephew growing up, did not see how old my parents are. I missed so many birthdays of family members, friends, gatherings which were limited to minutes of meetings, most of which took place over the phone. The more the travel the more I started to miss my family. Now I try to appreciate every minute spent with them.

I love their stuff and I am very sad to part with it. But there is so much new that I want to try! I really want to study at the American Academy and once to Oscar, want to create their own TV shows, want to get married, have children and to travel around the world, but in a different format, together with your family.

Thank you, the audience, for all these 4 years was watching the show “heads and tails” with me watching and, I hope, will be watching. And I in turn, promise to please you with your blue screens.”.

Fans are seriously upset by the message from Regina Todorenko, as many watched “eagle and Tails” just for her, and for four years managed to get used to this leading.

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