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Regina todorenko boasted extreme photo

Регина Тодоренко похвасталась экстремальными фотоProfessional traveler, host and singer Regina todorenko in the first month of summer went on holidays to Bali.

Regina todorenko, host of the popular travel show “heads and Tails”, being always on the road, even on vacation tries to spend away from home.

In the first week of June she went on a “Paradise” island of Bali, which is located nearby Indonesia. Bali is washed by two oceans – Indian and Pacific, ideal for surfing. So fearless Regina decided time not to lose and to do this extreme sport. Colorful photos from the holidays presenter to share on his page in Instagram.

This very Regina todorenko comment on its surfing lessons: “for the Second time in my life came to ride the surf. Thought it would be easier. Nifiga. There was a fear of speed, fear of high waves. But I still like it, I rejoice every time dorrabay to the line-up, and thank the ocean for letting us into your world. Awfully hard to choke on, very sore hands from rowing and weak back pisses me off. I try my best.

Thank you , my competent instructor, for his patience and faith And that pushed my fat ass on the wave”.

Регина Тодоренко похвасталась экстремальными фото
Регина Тодоренко похвасталась экстремальными фото

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