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Regina todorenko admitted who her new producer

Регина Тодоренко призналась, кто ее новый продюсерSinger Regina todorenko, also known as the host of travel show “heads and tails”, working closely with Artem Pivovarov.

As it turned out, he became a sound producer of her new album.

Popular Ukrainian musician and founder of the eponymous label production Artem Pivovarov Pivovarov acted as sound producer of the debut album of Regina Todorenko Fire, which over the past week after the premiere has already managed to catch the fancy of the audience, and to evoke active discussion not only among fans of the singer, but the star among her colleagues. For example, his admiration expressed and Vera Brezhnev, advising all his subscribers to social networks to listen to the album.

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Cooperation of Regina Todorenko and Artem Pivovarov became known 2 years ago, after the successful launch of a jointly created track Heart’s Beating, immediately after the release soared to the tops of radio stations and occupied high positions in the ranking of downloads iTunes.

Thanks to the track Regina Todorenko Heart’s beating, created by the creative tandem of Artem Pivovarov, and cohesive work with maximum efficiency of Regina and her team, the singer was among nominees for music awards Yuna and M1 Music Awards. After this success it became clear that the music collaborate Artem successful, and Regina todorenko invited him to become a sound producer of her debut album.

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The Fire album includes 13 songs, among them as already loved by the listeners of the song Heart’s beating, “I need You”, “Mama”, Liverpool, and brand new works. Besides producing, Artem Pivovarov worked, and the arrangement of these tracks.

The album held in special conditions, because host of “heads and tails” Regina todorenko was constantly traveling.

Регина Тодоренко призналась, кто ее новый продюсер
Регина Тодоренко призналась, кто ее новый продюсер

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