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Regardie and the police know how to drive protesters, not to protect the children from murderers

Росгвардия и полиция умеют гонять митингующих, а не защищать детей от убийц

For a week the whole country is discussing the nightmare that happened on 31 October in the State budget preschool educational institution Nenets Autonomous district “Tsentr razvitiya rebenka — DETSKIJJ sad Skazka” polar city of Naryan-Mar. There was a murdered six-year-old boy. As it turned out the records from surveillance cameras, published by the Investigative Committee of Russia, the suspect in the crime, 36-the summer local resident Denis Pozdeev, during quiet hours, called at the door of the kindergarten. The guard opened it, taking the man by one of the parents, he quietly entered the building and climbed the stairs to the second floor, passing through the corridor, found the right door, the sleeping group, has entered into it…

Further events developed almost simultaneously. One of the teachers tried to stop the attacker, but he pushed away the woman. Another ran for help, the caretaker, pressed the disturbing button. A nurse brought the guard (I wonder what that security guard that you have to pull like a sheep on a leash, so that he performed his duties?). But it was too late: the criminal managed to hit the boy with a knife in the neck. And the child died from loss of blood. We must pay tribute to the quick and skillful actions of the employees of the kindergarten (it only remains to hope that the guard was able still to take part in them): together they overpowered the assassin and held him until the arrival of the staff of Regardie and the police, who arrested the criminal. According to the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation, in the course of interrogation the accused admitted his guilt and repented of his actions, saying that drinking alcohol.

The man really was in the time of the attack in a condition of alcoholic intoxication. But, he said, in kindergarten, he came by chance, and at the time of the murder, he was hallucinating — the baby he thought was a demon. However, all this did not fit into the fact that, after searching the house of the detainee in hot pursuit, the security forces discovered records about the kindergarten: lists of children, the daily routine of the institution and other data. “Accidents” have disappeared, when Pozdeev added his words also information about the “sacrifice.” And the guard and the assailant detained, although the first admitted the guilt only partially. In total filed at least three criminal cases: first, in relation Pozdeeva for the murder of a minor. Secondly, — the employee of a private security company “Svyatogor” — for committing a crime under paragraphs “b” and “C” of part 2 of article 238 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (“Rendering services not meeting requirements of safety of life and health of consumers under the age of 6 years, which entailed by negligence the infliction of death”). In addition, initiated and investigated a criminal case on the fact of the negligence of officials of the kindergarten “fairy Tale”, do not ensure the safety of the child in preschool institution.

Currently, the video published by the Investigative Committee, discussed in the networks. Most curse the murderer, pity the boy and condolences to his parents and friends. But someone asks questions. “Why publish this video? That all their work?”, — genuinely puzzled and, apparently, not quite understand the logic of SK of the Russian Federation Andrey L. And indeed, the police, Regardie, investigators, prosecutors, the authorities — why all this? Than, for example, could help in the investigation of this crime the staff of the office of Regardie and Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia for Nenets Autonomous area? Nothing: when the boss is spinning under my feet, it is always only a hindrance, if not worse. It turns out that all these services can only drive the protesters on the squares, but when you need concrete work, I can only demonstrate their impotence.

In this regard, always strikes a somewhat different, but somewhat similar situation, filmed in a TV feature film directed by Vladimir Fokin on the script by Julian Semyonov “TASS is authorized to declare…” when to arrest a spy Trianon in his own apartment came one boss. Well, of course — after all, they went over the orders, medals, posts, stars (special ranks) and other incentives. And turned what should have happened in the absence of experienced investigators and those who investigated what is called “on earth”, “arestovali” for a moment relaxed, and spy at the same moment managed to crack a vial of poison.

But without bosses because he needs someone to command, to give orders, to give, to advise and to pour valuable guidance. And the most expected is that after the incident, the authorities (however, the other higher) will take all complex orders and departmental orders — once again strengthen, enhance, improve, develop the system of protection of preschool and educational institutions. In other words, I repeat repeatedly tested procedure fraud, which is every time resort officials and their subordinates after something has already happened. That is, after the murder of the child. By the way, recently on one of the Federal TV channels have made a replica of one of the invited experts that, say, “the guard is not to blame — he is only responsible for the furniture in the kindergarten”.

How can we imagine that a census of the alcoholic went to kindergarten and didn’t stab anyone, and your native son-the hare or the girl-dandelion — “just because”, “at white heat” — once the hands start to itch in search of something of fire to use it on purpose against the killer. After all, this unwarranted brutality thugs above all understanding. It is definitely some kind of inhuman horror, just a real nightmare when that happens. There’s a nightmare in the fact that all this security in kindergartens — full of profanity! In a country where millions of men wear uniforms of security guards, police officers, and to them was added asguardian, if necessary, as, indeed, happened in kindergarten can penetrate anyone. Yes, the time will increase, everything will be strictly (“due to some freak”) — that way with mesyatsok other. But then over again, “this damn month of” hindering “work normally”. And in kindergartens and schools it is still possible to kill with impunity, of children.

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