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Refreshing and cleansing facial mask of cucumber

Освежающая и очищающая маска для лица из огурцовFace mask from cucumber is a simple and effective way of skin care.

Women with problem skin quite often looking for an effective mask for acne.

These include masks out of clay, honey, tomatoes, lemon and cucumber.

Cucumber is often called the “green treasure” because it has antiseptic, bleaching and moisturizing properties. After applying the cycle of cucumber masks skin clean and velvety. What is the secret of this favorite green vegetable?

Cucumber contains vitamins and essential minerals: iron, phosphorus, sodium, iron and calcium. In addition, it contains a lot of starch, fructose and ascorbic acid. This “miracle cocktail” and makes the skin beautiful and healthy.

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Mask of cucumber better to cook vegetables grown on open soil, as when growing in greenhouse cucumbers absorb a lot of harmful substances. In addition to cucumber, in the cucumber masks can enter a variety of ingredients: honey, dairy products, herbal decoctions, egg protein. As a mask you can use a normal cucumber juice, without the addition of other masks from cucumber to elzacapaneco. Just grate a ripe cucumber, and then squeeze the juice from the resulting slurry and apply on face.

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Very effective mask of cucumber and honey. The skin is clean, pores are narrowed, and the cells well-fed. To refresh and soothe acne prone skin will help mask of cucumber juice and sour cream.

Mask from cucumbers for the person is aged around 20 minutes and then rinse with cool water. After applying the mask the skin should be lubricated with ice – a great tool for extra moisturizing and toning the skin.

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