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Referred to as the real reason for the extinction of ancient animals

Названа реальная причина вымирания древних животныхThe scientists said that destroyed ancient giant animals.

A group of scientists from Australia and the United States said that the giant mammals were killed by hunger. The study disproved the hypothesis that all large animals have been exterminated by man.

The last ice age covered Sahul — supermetric, uniting modern Australia, Tasmania and New Guinea. The cold has led to a reduction in prey base animals who lived in this region.

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Scientists have made such conclusions when we compared the diet of herbivores living on the territory of modern Australia 350-570 thousand years ago, when large animals were common, and 30-40 thousand years ago when they became extinct.

Scientists have warned that the consequences of climate change. They called mankind to pay attention to the problem of global warming, which can lead to equally disastrous results.

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