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Reference Thriller SEVEN could not remove David Fincher

If someone decided to create a Museum of “weights and measures” for films in the psychological Thriller genre, then this Museum a place of honor would be given to the movie Seven (Se7en, 1995) – an absolute benchmark of a Thriller about the confrontation between police and a serial killer. As a representative of the specific genre of “Seven” surpasses even “the silence of the lambs” – despite the fact that “Silence of the lambs” won several Oscars, and “Seven” did not get any awards. We know that in “Silence…” is a strong element of drama and feminist motive, and there is so much more, which together makes “Silence…” a true masterpiece movie. “Seven” is also a masterpiece, but only as a sample of the Thriller.

And, of course, is one of the best (if not the best) film in the career of Director David Fincher. It is amazing to know now, after more than twenty years since the premiere of this picture that it could take completely different person.

Horror filmmaker and horror fan of Mick Garris in the podcast Post Mortem interviewed his colleague Ernest R. Dickerson, and the latter confirmed that at the time was close to becoming the Director of “Seven”.

The Dickerson can hardly be called too well-known and honored master of cinema, but on his account – feature “Tales from the crypt: Demon knight” (which, incidentally, came out in 1995 the same year as “Seven”) and work on many well-known genre TV series: “Dexter”, “the Embodiment of fear”, “the Walking dead”, “Damien”.

The Director says:

I was looking for a Thriller… Looking for a good horror movie. Changed agent. The first two scenarios, which gave me… One was called “Game of survival” (Surviving the Game). The other was Seven. I read the script, “Seven”, and I wanted to make this film. At the time they were ready to throw out the script, no one wanted to touch him. Everyone thought he was too dark. So I went and talked to them. I think I got a good interview. I had visual AIDS. Ideas. How to remove the film. They asked: “what about the blood and violence?” I said, “You don’t want to see that. You are turning away. Make the audience think they saw it”. I tried my best.
A couple of days later I had a conversation with my agent. My agent said, “well, you can look for a new job.” She said, “They were going to throw the script in the trash. You told them how they could translate this story to the screen. You told them that this could be a great horror movie. And that it doesn’t have to be a lot of blood. After you left, they said, “Look, you’ve got something worthwhile. Can we get the Director in category A. Can get the actors category A”…
And I swear to God, I pitched them this idea. I mentioned that a senior officer should be African American. And a younger guy. I told them that he could play johnny Depp. And I said, “But I just watched this movie called “Thelma and Louise”. And there’s this guy… brad pitt. I think he will be somebody.” I swear to God, said so.

In other words, if Ernest R. Dickerson at the time didn’t give the producers some ideas about the movie “Seven” – we would never see a movie with the same name and the plot. We might not even see him as brad pitt and Morgan Freeman!

How complicated is the path of the masterpiece to the people…

The history of Dickerson over the fact that he made Thriller about the hunt for humans “survival Game” (1994). The film starred rapper ice-T, Rutger Hauer, Charles S. Dutton, Gary busey, F. Murray Abraham, John C. McGinley and William McNamara, but despite such a strong name cast and a budget of about seven and a half million dollars, the movie made in theaters mediocre.

A year later he released “Seven” by David Fincher and collected around the world over 327 million dollars.

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