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Reducing poor 200%

Сокращаем бедных на 200%

If the Russian government decided something to overcome — it’s not good. And the victims of their new battle, as always, will be ordinary citizens.

There was not a single wide communication the President or Prime Minister with the people, in which these two people, sometimes changing posts, promised the citizens to fight poverty. For 18 consecutive years. That’s only wins while poverty, giving ground only in the vicinity of the Kremlin.

Recently Dmitry Medvedev has set a new benchmark: reduce poverty by 200%. Not the point that the Prime Minister is not good at math, is more important than the desire to encourage people before the New year.

Alarming, however, that parts of a global program by double-zeroing poverty Medvedev did not disclose. According to the head of Ministry of labor Maxim Topilin — the author’s dashing statement that “incomes of Russians grow at an unprecedented rate”, — it is only known that the pilot projects on poverty reduction since December 1 was launched in eight regions of the country. I specifically looked — Voronezh is not among them, “bomb” poverty will be in Kabardino-Balkaria, Tatarstan, Primorye, Ivanovo, Lipetsk, Nizhny Novgorod, Novgorod and Tomsk regions.

When the messages of the authorities of foggy, people have inadvertently included imagination. But first you need to understand what poverty is, by Russian standards.

And there will be not only nominally, according to reports, but really — people just starve to death. And this, incidentally, is another way of fighting poverty. As you know, no man — no problem. And even our optimistic Rosstat forced to admit that in 2016 the population is dying out — despite the declared by the authorities care about demographics.

In the country generally there is a kind of practice reform. They are, for the most part, lead to the opposite result. After optimization of the health of the citizens began to complain that the right doctor can’t get for months. Education reform led to the closure of schools in the villages. Small business support has resulted in almost complete disappearance, especially in the provinces.

The task of increasing the salaries of doctors, teachers and scientists was solved by implementing the transfer of employees to part-time working men the same get sometimes even less, but in reporting their income has doubled. And the Prime Minister these figures fervently operates, reported an increase of salaries of Russians.

What can we say about the pension reform, which will lead to a sharp rise of poverty in the country because for people over 50 in the country, in addition to the draft and cheap, virtually no.

Not surprisingly, the citizens lose all trust in officials. Hungry belly craves noodles not only on the ears. According to the October poll, Americans ‘ faith in the improving economic situation in the country was the lowest in the last five years. Even more fell from the index of social optimism —people do not hope that in the coming years will have a better life. Increasingly, pensioners receiving a humiliating miserable pension Supplement, resort to demonstrative gestures, as a recently arrived veteran of work from Magadan, Medvedev sending his increase to pension in 683 rubles 66 kopecks.

In our experience has repeatedly convinced: hear the promises to reduce poverty — get ready to pierce a new hole in the belt. It is difficult to deal with the fact that his own hands have created.

Sociologist Vyacheslav Glazychev, analyzing the message of the President 2004, wrote: “it is Time to call a spade a spade. The reduction zone of the Russian poverty in half, set by the authorities (we will remind, it was 14 years ago — ed.), means no more and no less than procenjivanja vector: the approach to the civilizational norm of about 10%. It is clear that no tricks with the calculations over several years to achieve this goal impossible, especially since painfully unfolding reforms of healthcare, pension, municipal, education, — despite the assurances of the authorities, will inevitably extend the area of poverty simultaneously with the attempts of compressing the “top”. Accordingly, we have before us a stage of long-term existence of extensive zones of poverty, which involves, first, recognition of a special culture of poverty, and secondly, their development.”

So that the next belt-tightening in the offing.

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