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Redmi K20 Pro hides the true flagship filling

Smartphone Redmi K20 Pro went on sale a few days ago and it has already dismantled into parts to understand what it consists of. The process has not iFixit, so that the points of maintainability no one was exposed, but it’s not Apple – it’s all great support.

As expected, inside Redmi K20 Pro, despite the more than affordable price tag, is exactly the kind of filling, which and said the company Xiaomi, developer of the mobile phone. Everything was in place, including a small but capacious battery, a large area the main speaker for more volume, and a simplified and robust mechanism retractable front camera.

By the way, because of this very camera in Redmi K20 Pro not stated, moisture protection, but de facto it is here, albeit partial. The screen is glued to the hull at the perimeter, all the connectors have a special rubber insert, and the rubber gasket is on the tray for SIM-cards. But the most important thing is gigantic in comparison with modern smartphones heat pipe. Its presence means that the Redmi K20 Pro will never overheat. In short, the smartphone was on all sides very good.

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