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Red wine rejuvenates the body

Красное вино омолаживает организмThe greatest amount of nutrients the body can “pull” from the wine in the period before bedtime.

In red wine, scientists have discovered a unique “elixir of youth” by which his life may extend any person.

The results of the experiments give reason to believe that the positive qualities of red wine will not work on all people, only those who have a standard level of SIRT1 is not located above or below the established expert rules.

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Scientists as objects for the study invited five hundred volunteers. The study found that people who drink wine, up to two times a week, can live almost 7 years longer than those who avoid this drink. Scientists have also described in detail in its work, the composition of the wine.

This substance is, among other things, has a positive effect on the destruction of cancer cells. In addition, several times increases the number of mitochondria that affect life expectancy. In turn, they have on the duration of the life of a considerable impact.

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Professionals focus their attention on the fact that in addition to this, a person begins to manifest a large amount of energy. The greatest amount of nutrients the body can “pull” from the wine in the period before bedtime. Then you should drink 100 to 150 milligrams.

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