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Red rag

Красная тряпка

Now if something happens with the Georgian journalist, speaking the other day with the anti-Putin statements, and wine, in any case will fall on Russia. It doesn’t matter who in reality, will be the author of the incident, those who want to provide a disservice to the Russian leader, or real enemies of Moscow, decided for the sake of their goals to bring a sacrificial victim.

Our reputation has become unambiguous and, unfortunately, there is no such charges, in which, taking into account previous circumstances, the international community would not believe.

On the subject of the statements themselves say nothing special — rude provocation dimwit. Stupid, because Russian language is quite rich and plentiful, to destroy the opponent without leaving the bounds of decency, boorish, because it is one thing to stigmatize a policy, another to dig the graves of deceased relatives. Itself provocative the essence is clear — to force Russia to the inevitable and brutal answer is that she ruined a fragile, reviving relations between the two countries. Moreover, Porush dramatically, with such ferocity that they come back again.

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Unfortunately, we have become predictable. Exchange and power do not matter if your strength opponents can use it against you. Russia’s actions are easy to calculate a few steps forward, which, incidentally, have used six months ago, Poroshenko, allowing us to swallow the bait of seamen.

How to win the bull or the bear? To wave under the nose a red rag, and then, when they red with stupor will be flocking after you, lure them to pre-dug and carefully covered the pit with branches. Speed, strength and weight of the animal yourself he will break your neck.

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Sadly, our response often is reduced to the level of reflexes of a large animal.

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