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Red Goddess in the new trailer of Agony

A week ago, the creators of a promising horror game “Agony” and promised to acquaint us with the main villain of the game, a great and terrible red Goddess. They hinted, laying two cool promo poster with the infamous lady. And now we finally see the Goddess in full glory, surrounded by his creepy demonic minions.

Shortly before a fresh trailer was presented and a piece of the official soundtrack with the theme of the same antagonists. It sounds epic and well adjusts to the gloomy atmosphere of the game. In “Agony” we will be able to play either for the sinner trapped in the depths of hell, or a demon, there the “worker”. At local beauty we already see in released videos, and expected release March 30, 2018.

The goal is to bring back memories and get out of hell. Under the control of the players will be three different characters (Ethereal Soul, Martyr and Demon), which will visit four different locations. In the story, you play the role of the soul of a deceased person that was in Hell without any memories of the past. You will be able to control different characters, getting their ability. During the game, the protagonist realizes that the only way to get out of Hell to meet the red Goddess.

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