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Recruiting employees took the student directly with couples. Video

Работники военкомата забрали студента прямо с пар. ВидеоIn Odessa employees of the military kidnapped the student with a couples media

The employees of Primorsky district military enlistment office of Odessa threw themselves under the wheels of the car of the lawyer not to release previously abducted student full-time education.

The video depicting the behavior of the officers at the intersection of cable and Pirogov streets, provided the lawyer Denis Keskenti.

He explained that his client, the fourth-year student of one of the Maritime universities in the city, illegally taken from the classroom.

According to the lawyer, he came, took the young man sat in his car to seek legal advice and wait for the documents confirming that he has a legal deferment as a student full-time.

Employees of military registration and enlistment office threw himself under the wheels and blocked the traffic on a lane. They screamed and struck at the car.

Lawyer swayam interest in the military to his customer that he studied at the correspondence Department, but then he was again adopted by the hospital.

The military is not yet available for review. At the request of Denis Cascante open criminal proceedings with the qualification of “interference in the activities of an advocate or representative of a person”.

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