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Record million “clicks” of the mouse for 17 hours

Есть рекорд: миллион "кликов" мышкой за 17 часовOn YouTube you can find quite a lot of weird Champions.

The other day my record was shared Reno Baker, who has set a goal to click 1 000 000 times. In this lesson, the guy spent 17 hours with no editing acceleration and then published on YouTube.

At first he planned to listen to music, watch anime and series, yet sets record. But then I realized that this would be his only distract and reduce the speed of clicking. And once parallel to the challenge and set a record speed… all 17 hours Reno almost pulled from his classes.

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Not so long ago, thanks to hunter Hobbs, we learned that a person needs 9 and a half hours to daystate to the bottom of the Excel spreadsheet.

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