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Received “the Holy Grail of physics”

Получен «святой Грааль физики»Scientists were able to ensure the transition of the liquid phase of atomic hydrogen in a solid.

Scientists from Harvard University (USA) for the first time, according to them, were able to observe a phase transition of the Wigner-Huntington, indicating the formation of metallic hydrogen. A study published in the journal Science.

“This is the Holy Grail of high pressure physics, said co-author Isaac Silvera. Is the first sample of metallic hydrogen on Earth, because when you look at it, you see what has never existed before.”

Scientists, according to them, failed to ensure the transition of the liquid phase of atomic hydrogen in a solid. It happened when the matter was placed in the very extreme conditions of high pressures (465-495 GPA) and low temperatures (5.5 in Kelvin).

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Spectroscopic analysis showed that hydrogen in the atomic state, and the theoretical justification is that the matter is in solid, not liquid, phase. Meanwhile, the direct experimental evidence of the stay of the matter as it is metal, not liquid hydrogen scientists have not yet received.

In 1935, physicists Eugene Wigner and bell Huntington theorized the existence of high-temperature superconductivity of hydrogen. Their work showed that at a pressure of 25 GPA at room temperature, the hydrogen must be in the metallic state and to be a superconductor.

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It is believed that gas giants like Jupiter and Saturn, between its core and atmosphere contain a thick layer of metallic hydrogen. Occasional posts about getting unusual substances have emerged since 1996, however, the correctness of the submitted data scientists often doubt their colleagues.

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