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Received the dying star in the constellation Virgo

Получен снимок умирающей звезды из созвездия ДевыThe picture has got nebula ESO 577-24.

Astronomers using the Very large telescope has received the nebula ESO 577-24 – “last gasp” of a dying star, the remains of which can still be seen in the centre of the nebula. As reported on the website of the European southern Observatory, the age of the nebula is about 10 thousand years.

It was opened in 1950-ies in progress by the National geographic society to see the sky the Palomar Observatory and in 1966 listed in the Catalog of planetary nebulae Abell. Nebula is 1400 light years from Earth.

ESO 577-24 is what is left of a giant star, which threw into space their outer layers and become a little and a hot dwarf star.

Previously, astronomers have noticed that a small galaxy located in the Sculptor group, is gradually destroyed by the gravitational influence of a giant galaxy, situated right next door to hers. The newly discovered galaxy belongs to a class of dwarf spheroidal galaxies, but, unlike other such galaxies, it has an elongated shape, is directed towards NGC 253. This form of the galaxy may indicate that it affects the gravitational influence of a larger galaxy, which acts more strongly on the near side.

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