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Rebus from the British astronaut blew Network

Ребус от британского астронавта взорвал СетьThe mystery became a hit Online.

Mystery British astronaut became a hit on the network. According to information from the published mission specialists Tim Peak, even he was able to solve a logical problem.

Pic on his page in the network Facebook wrote that he solved the riddle within two days. It is a job description which is available on the corresponding photo. The publication of images in just a few hours collected more than a thousand reposts. Social media users noted that the task really requires creativity and develops logical thinking.

“Imagine in front of a cube, on the bottom face which is the point. The cube need to turn left, right, forward and back. The task is to try to establish where would be the point after all the twists and turns,” wrote Rush on the page under the photo. Network users noted that the problem has several answers.

He later astronaut unveiled the correct answer. According to him, even if there are many moves, the point will remain on the bottom of the cube, since the rotations will not be moved. Recently Rush released a book, Ask An Astronaut, in which he spoke about the process of training and preparing to fly into orbit.

According to him, almost every person with normal health can go to space, but this requires constant training.

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