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Reboot the “Predator” will ignore the universe Ridley Scott

This conclusion follows from the words of the actors new film about the bloodthirsty hunter from outer space. Keegan-Michael Key and Olivia Munn told me that “Predator” 2018 will follow the Canon, given “the previous five movies.” Obviously, we are talking about the “Predator”, “Predator 2,” “Predators” and two parts “Alien vs. Predator”. It is logical to assume that the last movies are about someone else, “Prometheus” and “Covenant” in this chain do not fit – after all, dark, horse, could not visit the Earth in our day, as it was established only in the distant future.

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Recall that “Predator” with Shane black’s already shot and is being “cosmetic” treatment. In the new film primarily interesting cast – Yes, there will be no Schwartz’s, but the alien will fight the son of Gary busey Jake and talk to young Jacob Tremble from “Somnia”.

The main character, an ex-marine finds evil alien race on Earth, but no one believes him that those things exist. His son is autistic, whom everyone bullied at school, becomes a key figure in the struggle with the Predators, because the boy knows how incredibly quick to learn languages and, apparently, will be able to understand aliens.

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