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Reboot: fugitive from the United States, the orphan decided to build a love for the show “Dom-2”

21-year-old Anton Shocks became a member of the show “Dom-2”. As it turned out, he has a very difficult fate: he grew up in an orphanage, then adopted him in the US, but adoptive parents abandoned him, then he tried to return home.

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Anton gave a Frank interview to “Komsomolskaya Pravda” and said that he had to endure: “I don’t really like to remember the past in the boarding school and talk about it. Because all in children’s homes live the same way. My story is the same as the history of the thousands of children that found “the dump”, was sent to the orphanage, then the orphanage “Christmas Tree”…”. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Time goes on. TIME WAITS FOR NO MAN. Get your ass up and go forward. ?

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When the boy was adopted in the United States, seemed to begin a new and happy life. However, foster parents and failed to establish contact with the child, and ultimately they did send him to a psychiatric clinic.

“They were very religious Orthodox family. Every holiday I went to Church all the tech, gadgets and stuff was considered “demonic”. I have a lot prohibited. I believe in God, but not to this extent, not so religious. In General, my adoptive parents created this situation (I don’t want to go into details) that I was back in boarding school for juvenile delinquents. That is, they have disowned me, in fact. After six years of stay there I had Internet, and I got the opportunity to call Russia. I immediately contacted the Russian Embassy with a request to take me home. But this was possible only by reaching the age of majority. And I was then only 16 years old,” recalls Anton.

For all time of stay in America, Anton managed to change 4 foster family but never was able to meet a truly native children. Then he began to try to secure the return to the homeland: “I Wrote the treatment on the website of the President of Russia, children’s Ombudsman Astakhov, the Russian Embassy. As usual, Astakhov and other officials promised me mountains of gold upon arrival in Russia. I really exported from the United States, I returned to Cheboksary. Relatives in this city I have, but I was adopted from Cheboksary children’s home, so in this city and returned. A year and a half I was given almost to himself. In housing, I was denied. My name was on the First channel, filmed scenes, but then — silence. I took whatever work was achieved orphan’s benefits, which until now have not received”.

Now Anton was the party of reality “Dom-2”, where actively trying to build a family of his own: “actually, for a casting “Houses-2″ on TNT I came three times. I knew about this project. The first time I was approved, but for some reason I changed my mind. The second time I went there straight from the state Duma, in costume: I wanted to impress a girl. But the image of the Deputy of the producers are not inspired, so I refused. And only the third time I took”.

Yes, we have with Vika all super. And I love her very much.

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Now Anton Shocks may call yourself a lucky person, because he feels he already met the right woman: “the project I came to tighten up the spoken language a bit to loosen up, to understand how to live and what modern young people in Russia, to learn how to be more confident in myself, and certainly find your soulmate. Not just a girlfriend for 2-3 months, and companion. Because here it is possible to “test”, living in the same space and getting in different situations. But I think I found her. Here the project is developing more rapidly than in life. I’m madly in love with Vic Komissarovo. Vic also recently fell in love with me. And although the relationship we have is very rapid (seen live), I want to be with her, and at the moment I see my future with her. Ready for her to do all sorts of crazy things and already make. It is sometimes difficult to understand her behavior, but I think I’m on the right track. In fact, the “House-2″ I like living my childhood I never had. For me it is a real home where I can Express my thoughts, point of view and where I listen, then I see the possibility of development”.

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