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“Really go”: laughing over Russian iPhone with Stalin

"Совсем поехавшие": в сети хохочут над российским iPhone со СталинымThe cost of the phones will be about 189 000.

The Russian company on the decoration of smartphones and other gadgets to the Victory Day presented a new collection of iPhone 7 with “themed” design. One of the models of the phone is decorated with the profile of Joseph Stalin.

According to the source, the housings are “winning” the smartphone is decorated with gold 999, images of Joseph Stalin, the coat of arms of the Soviet Union and the order of Victory. All the devices are interlocked and the embossed image of St. George ribbons of stone of two colors.

The profile of Stalin repeats the one that was depicted on the medal “For victory over Germany in the great Patriotic War of 1941-1945”, the order of Victory on the body also duplicates the original. All theme smartphones engraved with the inscription “a Country that does not surrender” and “Red army is the strongest”. It is worth noting that the phone with Stalin’s portrait bears the inscription “not one step back”.

Series of smartphones will be limited to the release is planned only for 72 instance of each model. On each phone in advance will set the ringtone with the melody of the song “Victory Day” by David Tukhmanov.

The cost of the phones will be about 189 000.

In a network this design of the smartphone is accepted without enthusiasm.

“Some sort of kitschy stuff. Really go”, “why Stalin and not Hitler?”, “I doubt there’s Downey, who will buy it. Well, maybe 5 pieces in the whole of Russia,” – responded in the comments.

“Lavrov has five ordered,” added the irony in the discussions.

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