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Real estate prices in Kiev: analysis by district from ParkLane

Цены на недвижимость в Киеве: анализ по районам от ParkLaneIf you are considering buying real estate in Kiev in advance to calculate your budget. You need to understand that the capital cost of apartments can vary considerably. A detailed analysis of market prices will help to understand which area of the city to buy housing cheaper.

Analysis of prices on the real estate market in Kiev: which area is more profitable to buy housing

The trend of falling prices for housing in Ukraine is being monitored since 2008. Not an exception and 2017 – research analysts showed that during this period, property prices in the capital are lower by about 10%.

Such phenomenon contributes to a number of factors. These include a significant reduction in purchasing power, a serious depreciation of the national currency, the escalation of the situation in the Eastern part of the country.

According to experts, this year prices fall again by another 8%. And although the critical collapse is not expected for those planning to purchase real estate in Kiev, should take advantage of opportunity. In the capital market the average price of apartments starts with a mark of 18 thousand dollars and can reach several million. It depends on the type and location of housing.

Most budget areas

The cheapest apartments can be bought in the Desnyansky district of the city. Per square meter here is about $ 793. The reason is the distance from the center, and problematic transport links.

Svyatoshinskiy also attracts the attention of affordable housing. In this area you can buy an apartment at the price of 812.e/sq. m. Low rates of housing observed in Solomenskiy and Dnieper regions – 1040 and 986 per square meter, respectively.

Low prices do not mean that these areas of the metropolis uninhabitable. They have their advantages. For example, Desnyanskiy district has the lowest crime rate, exclusive leads in the number of green spaces, on-site Straw works many inexpensive markets.

The most expensive areas

The highest apartment prices were recorded in the approximate center of the capital Pechersky and Shevchenkovsky districts – 2082 and 1375.e./sq. m. most of the proposals in this segment of the market represented in the categories of business and elite status is designed primarily for buyers.

Central districts have many advantages:

•developed infrastructure;
•availability of transport;
•good lighting of streets;
•excellent cultural entertainment.

Most popular areas

Practice shows that a record demand of buyers for several years, use str Darnytskyi and Obolonskyi areas. The cost per square meter of living space in them is 1137, and 1115 969 dollars. The popularity of these sites is associated with a low level of traffic, complete infrastructure, transport convenience and a fairly high-quality public services.

Цены на недвижимость в Киеве: анализ по районам от ParkLane

According to average statistics in Kiev, apartment in a residential district is 30% cheaper than close to the center of the object with the same parameters. Which option is more advantageous to you, depending on your capabilities and personal preferences.

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