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Read “the worst book: the Best”!

“Anthology of anthologies,” the gift, beautiful and, of course, terrible, “the worst book: the Best”, is already available. Publishing high quality, but the price is not small, but because it is helpful to look inside to see what awaits readers in this collection. We got an introductory fragment to a PDF and samples that demonstrate the interior design and illustrations from the book.

Introductory snippet:

Download: A Fragment



Sample pages, illustrations:

To ask the question “Where to buy?” is the answer here, on the website of the SSK series. If you are too lazy to follow the link, then,For example, buy “SSK: the Best” here:




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Anthology? No!
This anthology of anthologies. Reprinting the best stories from bestsellers collections “the worst book of 2014”, “The worst book 2015”, “The worst book 2016”, “the worst book 2017”, flavored with previously unpublished in this series of works. Not just the best horror stories in the Russian language, but is the best of the best. The kind of work undertaken over five years, a series of “SSK”. The authors and works that have ALREADY left an indelible mark in the history of the horror genre in Russia and abroad.
A real gift to all lovers of horror literature. The most terrible book!


M. S. Parfenov. Foreword (article), pp. 6-7
Vladimir Kuznetsov. Disappeared forever in the abyss under me… (short story), pp. 9-45
Igor Chrome. Stay connected (short story), pp. 47-81
Dmitry Viter. Night swimmer (short story), pp. 83-97
Tatiana Volumes. The theme (story), pp. 99-135
Elena Schetinina. Frog – hungry belly (story), pp. 137-179
Maxim Kabir. Butterflies in her eyes (short story), pp. 181-197
Mikhail Pavlov. Work. Maybe a combination (short story), pp. 199-229
Anatoly Umansky. America (short story), pp. 231-265
Alexander Matyukhin. Timer (short story), pp. 267-285
Oleg Kozhin. Bitch (short story), pp. 287-311
Maria Artemieva. The farm (short story), pp. 313-339
Igor Krementsov. 10 pounds (short story), pp. 341-375
Nikolai Ivanov. Dlaka (short story), pp. 377-397
Alexander Podolsky. Forgotten the devil (short story), pp. 399-431
Dmitry Tikhonov. Meal (short story), pp. 433-453
Yuriy Pogulyay. Summer has come (short story), pp. 455-467
Olga Reyn, Mike Helprin. The Arctic story (short story), pp. 470-503
Alexey Provotorov. Blackouts (short story), p. 505-531
Dmitry Mardas. Bunny (story), p. 533-561
Vladislav Geneva. Never (story), p. 563-587

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