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Read the first novel in the series “The scariest book” – “Fatalist” Victor Glebov!

The first in a series of stories of Russian horror “the worst book” a novel “Fatalist” Victor Glebov – out! To buy or not, will help you to make a choice fragment, meet which free and legally right now.

We’re in a Horror especially proud that among the inhabitants of our website, there are people who are not just fond of doing horror on a professional level. Victor Glebov – also our people and even we have published several articles on “how to write horror” (here, for example, the last material in this series). Victor tried his hand at different genres, but gradually shifted in the direction of horror and mystery, and “Fatalist” is the sixth published Glebov novel promises to be his best work.

Download: A Fragment



Death is behind him. The ghosts of the past torment him, demons are real – fear. And he is afraid of dark corners and stairs…
Former friends wish him a speedy death. Former beloved pave the way for him in Hell. And he has long been ready to step over the edge…
Humanoids from the deep, revived the dead, freaks, cultists and Ghost – nobody and nothing can shake his cold-blooded cynicism.
Rude, despising everyone and everything – he alone is able to plunge into the abyss of bloody madness and unravel the tangle of intrigue…
Because, despite a bad temper and a hideous reputation, he’s still a hero.
Hero of his time.

Today, the book started to go on sale. “Fatalist” is already possible to buy in stores “Moscow”, “Arbat” and “Medvedkovo”. Soon the novel will appear in all major online stores including “Labyrinth”.

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