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Read the beginning of “Catering” Alexey Ivanov

Continue to follow the return of a great writer Alexey Ivanov to the dark genres. Frankly, duologue about generalovo (“Pahlavi”, “Community”) has attracted not all, but to put a horror author knows is evident even in its historical works. The upcoming novel “Easting” promises readers at least something interesting.

We got the official annotation, the first 15 pages of the book and cover in good quality. All this stuff are looking for below.

The book is due out in the series “New Alexey Ivanov” from the publishing house “AST”. Look for it in the stores will be in the end of this year, or early next.

The hot summer of 1980. The capital rocked the Olympics, and in the small summer camp on the Volga river, all is quiet and calm. Pioneers marching on the lines of, playing football at night and tell scary stories; young leaders fall in love with each other; water bus brings cans of milk and nutrition revolve the village dogs. But life summer camp, at first glance serene, has its secret and dark side. Among the pioneers of the vampires. Their will and determines what happens in plain sight.
“Easting” is a simple and fun story about a complicated and serious things. There are children as children – with games, quarrels, fantasies and stupidity. There is a pioneering, already useless and formal. And there are vampires who need to live among humans, but their vampire rules. As implemented in vampire mystery dead Soviet rituals and reworks alive and natural children’s behavior? As love and friendship oppose the escheat laws of ideology and vampirism? In a word, whose horn blows for a bugler, and under whose drum marching drummer?

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