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Read an excerpt from a new book by Joe hill in Russian

Soon the publishing house “Eksmo” will join the series “Horror. Black library” is another interesting book. Talking about “Strange weather” (Strange Weather) authored by Joe hill, a great writer, confidently walking in the footsteps of his famous father. But if you still do not know whose son he is, just look at the photo above. The family resemblance is obvious.

Recall, “Strange weather” is a collection, composed of relatively fresh story , “Snapshot”, “Loaded”, “Aloft” and “Rain”. Earlier in Russian they were not transferred.

Official abstract:

What surrounds us in everyday life? Family, work, responsibilities?
The story of Joe hill will force you to look at the world differently.
Along with its heroes you pray for salvation.
You have to rethink life as it became an adult the boy his memories of dementia patient is the nurse. To understand the depth of loneliness of an alien mind. Stopping terror under the gun of a madman. Watch as a deadly rain washes away the surface of the Earth the last remnants of humanity and mercy. You haven’t thought at all worthy of the people of the gift called life?

On the cover of the book we have already seen, now let’s look through the beginning. Introductory fragment traditionally includes the first 15 pages. To read the plot of the novel “Snapshot” right now.

Selling “Strange weather” should appear at the beginning of October.

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