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Razer has hinted at the development of mobile games gadget

Razer, whose primary business is the production of computer accessories with a focus on gamers, going to try himself in the field of gaming for mobile gadgets. Previously, it was only just a rumor, but now received official confirmation from Razer is really on the approach a certain gaming device that you can easily carry.

However, it is still not known what exactly the long and hard work Razer, however, you can make some assumptions: it is likely not a tablet PC because of the low demand for this kind of technique, and it may not even portable game console, a device with such limited functionality will not be too demanded in the market. The Razer is working on a gaming smartphone, and this is quite important, as it will not only play, but also to call and even watch a movie, that is, in this case, the gadget will incorporate the functionality of the console and tablet at the same time.

An indirect confirmation of the fact that Razer will be released this smartphone is its purchase of the company Nextbit back in 2015, which before the takeover had time to release a mobile phone called Robin with advanced cloud capabilities. Reportedly, its new product Razer will show this year, so the wait is very long.

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