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Rare sports car from Lada will cost a lot of money

Редкий спорткар от Lada обойдется немалых денегFor unusual cars of the Russian car industry require at least 20 thousand dollars.

In Togliatti was put up for sale a very rare Lada Revolution. If you don’t know, this track sports car Lada created for special racing monoserii.

The Roadster is a small 3.7 m single-seater weighing just 670 kg. At this weight, it is enough not the most powerful 1.6-liter 162-HP four. Paired with it has 6-speed manual transmission. The Lada Revolution sports car also received disc brakes all wheels.

The price of Lada Revolution – 20 thousand dollars, because of the exclusivity of the model. Exact production figures are unknown, but it is tens of units. Besides on-the-go is now only 8 or 9 Lada Revolution.

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