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Rare photo with Doug Jones on the set of “hocus-Pocus”

Disney movie “hocus pocus” was released in 1993 and pretty weak showed itself at the box office. No one could not assume that, over time, a funny and scary picture will become a classic, which is usually revised every year on Halloween.

The role of an undead witch in the film was played by Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker and Kathy Najimy, but there was another character, loved by many viewers. This is Billy, Mutcherson, animated corpse with its mouth sewn shut, played by the handsome Doug Jones.

About this actor we remember the last time quite often. So recently it became known that Doug wants to go back to “hocus pocus”, because there is long been preparing for either a sequel or a remake. But we probably remember the original. Fortunately there emerged rare photos from the set, depicting himself Doug Jones and makeup team who created this funny and very cute image of a walking corpse.

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According to the master of special effects Tony Gardner, work on makeup Billy was one of the most time-consuming processes at the site. Although there were other difficult tasks which had to be solved. Just look at these decorations! All this beauty of the cemetery appeared out of nothing just for the sake of filming “hocus-pocus”. But it still had to make witches fly, to liven up the stuffed cat, etc.

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In short, look with one eye in the movie behind the scenes, so the magic was created.

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