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Rare footage of a supersonic strategic reconnaissance USAF. Video

Редкие кадры сверхзвукового стратегического разведчика ВВС США. ВидеоWe are talking about Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird

The American space Agency NASA has published rare footage of the takeoff and flight of the fastest aircraft in the world.

We are talking about Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird. This supersonic strategic reconnaissance appeared in the 60’s. In 1964 he made the first flight, and the operation brought him in 1998 due to high maintenance costs.

This aircraft replaced the infamous U-2, which was flown by pilot Francis Gary powers who was shot down over the Soviet Union.

Even today this aircraft features a futuristic design. To achieve high aerodynamic performance for different flight regimes the housing and the bearing surfaces are very complex in terms of the modular sections form.

The plane is built according to the scheme “tailless”, with a thin tapered wing, with a sweep on the leading edge of 60 degrees.

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