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Rapper Guf talked about the relationship with the Keti Topuria and infidelity ISA Anokhina

Rapper Guf (Alexey Dolmatov) rarely comment on the personal life, but recently, the artist made an exception. In an interview Yury Dude, the musician spoke about the rumors of his affair with the singer Keti Topuria. “Kathy and friends. And after this ridiculous news friends even more. I don’t know who is there in the photographs,” said the rapper.

According to Alexei, when Katie found out about his addiction, she tried to save him. “She began to attempt to heal me. Constantly trying to persuade me, but I, being in its Wake, all the while blending in. Then he turned to her for help and asked that she did something. She repeatedly put me in the hospital in Moscow,” said Dolmatov.

The artist also spoke about his relationship with his ex-wife ISA Anokhina. Alex admitted that he had repeatedly cheated on his wife, even when she was pregnant with their son.

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“What time I cheated on my wife. Almost immediately after birth or even during pregnancy. It’s awful… At some point I just stopped hiding it, I’ve gone to strip clubs, hung out there for a couple of days. It was in the order of things… At some point, she decided to teach me a lesson that I put myself in her place. She met with some brow, kissed, and all of it was online. However, she just kissed,” said the rapper.

Dolmatov admitted that he “behaved like a pig”. Some times ISA and Alex broke up and got back together again, until one time, their marriage finally collapsed. Now the business woman happy marriage does Anaheim. Last year the couple had a son Elvis.

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