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Rapper Basta celebrated the Liturgy in the Church in the robe of the priest

Photo: gatchina-eparhia. EN

Not many fans of rapper Busta know that in his youth he was a Sexton, waited for worship and rang the bell. Singing Basta also began in the Church — in the Church choir. When he met with Mikhail Osaka, who is now the Bishop of Gatchina and Luga Mitrophan.

Photo: gatchina-eparhia. EN

Bishop Mitrophan and Basil (Vasily Vakulenko — the real name of the actor) are still friends, and recently, the priest invited the rapper to serve in honor of his birthday. The actor gladly agreed. November 19, Vasily participated in the divine Liturgy in the Cathedral of Gatchina, however, not just as a guest, and the subdeacon.

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Photo: gatchina-eparhia. EN

As expected, Basil was dressed in a robe and speaking in Church language. “Bishop Mitrophan and Basil have long been familiar. More from Rostov-on-don, for over twenty years they communicate. And Vakulenko came to congratulate the Archbishop’s birthday and together they prayed”, — quotes “Komsomolskaya Pravda” representative of the diocese.

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