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Rapid weight loss for the summer: basic rules and nuances

Экспресс-похудение к лету: основные правила и нюансыBefore beach season there is not much time.

There is probably no woman who would not dream to lose weight. It is one thing to dream and another to achieve the desired result.

Nutritionists advise to seek the help of mono-diet or hard power systems, which will greatly restrict losing weight. First, such methods are good only if you want to lose weight by a certain date, and afterwards will still back reset kg back or not. Secondly, to sustain such a diet is not easy psychologically, this means that the risk of failure is extremely high.

In this regard, the experts advise to look at the following diets:

Italian diet – fresh vegetables and herbs, cottage cheese, hard cheese, kefir and nothing more, but you can eat large portions and often.

The French diet is based on eating cheese and onion soup, vegetables, lean meat, seafood. Allowed to drink a bit of dry white wine, but nutritionists do not recommend to do this in the process of weight loss because any kind of alcohol retains fluid in the body.

Swedish diet – you can eat low-fat cheese and any fruit during the day, and before going to bed drink a Cup of green tea with lemon.

Cleansing diet – it is similar to drinking fasting days, but lasts a week. You can drink freshly squeezed juices or smoothies from berries, fruits, vegetables with natural yoghurt.

Definitely, in addition to dieting, you need to move a lot, be in the gym, walking in the fresh air, sleep at least 7 hours a night, take a contrast shower in the morning and to avoid stress, then weight loss will not take a lot of time and effort, but the result will make you proud.

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